mark, print, place

Current work focusses on the mark we make and our relationship with the world on an environmental and psychological level, using the intimate to reflect a global perspective. Small scale work using squeezed clay  to capture thousands of fingerprints, some made to fit onto pieces of fossilised stone.  Site specific fingerprint work to be installed on two trees in Lytham for the Counterp-art event… Read more »

breathe, inflate, deflate

An ongoing series of work looking at breathing, exchange of gases, our relationship with trees, destruction of the rainforest. Materials : latex, stone, trees and branches as site and material.  Fossilised tree, created by the volume of material weighing down, creating stone through time.The delicacy and intimacy of latex, made in silky sheets, cut, stitched , stretched , like skin.  Body, tree,… Read more »

drawing with trees

this is current work, digital sketches.I have been working with this tree,with its huge bump- it seems both a benign pregnant- like bulge, and a more sinister, tumorous growth. Some of these ideas may become “real”, real painted and manipulated barbed wire swarming out of the belly button type hole in the bulge, real latex cast Nipple Flowers spilling out,… Read more »

Contemporary Sedimentary

Solo show at South Square Gallery, Thornton Friday 8th June – Sunday 28th July South Square Gallery hosts my new solo show.   This series of new photographic and sculptural works involves a mix of organic and synthetic materials, including broken, stitched and hung stone, cast resin, latex, grass and neon Perspex. The work  explores our relationship with the landscape, bringing… Read more »