microscope work

here are some short videos taken on my phone, looking through a pocket microscope to draw with suit fibres, saliva, watercolour on watercolour paper https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPNoeo8cIk68IZDEFBouYiYW7DRgcFFAQZ3SnT5dWBYcVcPeA-DbutvUIvA-AJXKw/photo/AF1QipOoxxH9ruI466aYiP9gFE_D8XRh6g3KMcSmVyOv?key=RS1CZ0NrUTd0VG9FUWJULXM2Q2F4eUQ1TlN3MkV3   View this post on Instagram Saliva, watercolour. Trying to make a mark. A post shared by Sally Barker (@sallyjbarker) on Dec 13, 2018 at 1:03pm PST https://tinyurl.com/yaupz5x3   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1amYSP04j69NNIAfPpXugt25sFnLGQhX2/view?ts=5c196e4e … Read moremicroscope work

Nasty Women Wigan

I am proud to be showing my wire piece, “Matrilinear”, tomorrow, 9.8.17, in the Nasty Women exhibition in Wigan, part of the global, feminist, Nasty Woman campaign. Matrilinear is a celebration of the strengths, vulnerabilities and inherent connectivity of generations of  motherhood, details of the exhibition below, all welcome : We cordially invite you to … Read moreNasty Women Wigan

Head Above Water, 2016-2017

an exhibition touring 3 coastal venues. Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth Strange Cargo, Folkestone Crescent Arts, Scarborough   curated by Lara Goodband The transformative effects of sea bathing that inspire artists and writers are captured in an exhibition that explores its sensations, stories and psychological impact. Head Above Water reveals the embodied imagination of the swimmer’s … Read moreHead Above Water, 2016-2017

Counterpart exhibition: July 21- August 16, 2016 -artists interventions in Lytham, W. Lancashire

“We Only Print in Blood Red” glazed ceramic pieces installed on a tree   “We Only Print in Blood Red” was a site specific sculptural piece, installed on a tree in Lytham ,as part of Counterpart. The piece explores the complex and often destructive relationship we have with the natural environment. Counterpart involved 12 artists work installed … Read moreCounterpart exhibition: July 21- August 16, 2016 -artists interventions in Lytham, W. Lancashire

2015: artist residency at FUSE Artspace , Bradford, 2015.

This week long residency at  FUSE in November 2015, was part of a series of residencies exploring environmental  issues, leading up to the COP21 conference in Paris in December. The residency offered the space and freedom to explore process, with no outcomes, restrictions and very little limitation. My initial preconceived ideas for the work were to make some kind of shelter, … Read more2015: artist residency at FUSE Artspace , Bradford, 2015.

Tate Modern Bird Feeder

This piece was commissioned for “Upstaging Nature”, a group exhibition of site responsive work in Sydenham Woods, S. London. The wood and perspex box contains a model scale Tate Modern, cast in bird seed and lard. The box has various holes drilled into it: access for the birds, over the 3 weeks they devoured Tate Modern, whilst being themselves on … Read moreTate Modern Bird Feeder