Bespoke Mountain – SCOPE Art Fair

I remade “Bespoke Mountain” for SCOPE art fair – continuing the focus of this piece discussing belonging and place through the materials, I built this “Bespoke Mountain 2” with the stone from the farm walls where I grew up. This added another layer, as I was in a sense building with the stuff of my childhood, making something in the present and for the future, using materials from the past. A new architectural angle grew out of the installation of this piece, ramshackle extensions: walkways & structures popped up round the back, hidden from the casual, passing gaze. A dialogue began to establish between the elements of architecture and landscape , man-made and natural, which I am continuing. Not as a binary or oppositional relationship, but to explore the co-existence of the two different elements within one form, the interface between them, areas where we build or intervene in the landscape: caves, quarries, mines, cliff dwellings, earth dwellings.