“Knives Out”

Knives Out is a piece that confronts male violence against women and girls. The central head-like form has been constructed with several bras stitched together, then poured with plaster dyed black. This form bristles with knife-like protrusions, made by rolling clay into bras, which aggressively stick out – their sharp edges shouting danger – dont … Read more

“Shebang” – casting with bras

Shebang is my largest cast form to date, the mould was created using 20 bras from different women, stitched together. The tiny “flower bud” forms are partially glazed ceramic – the clay was rolled into bras to capture the texture. Through the casting process, some parts of the sculpture that are less supported have come … Read more

“Dark Cloud”

“Dark Cloud” is a hanging ceramic piece , constructed with around 400 black, glazed “fingerprints” : tiny pieces of clay that I have repeatedly pinched into distorted representations of the human mark. It was shown at The Fresh Air Sculpture Show, 2022 glazed stoneware ceramic, wire approx 80 x 70 x 70 cm price on … Read more

The Tooth and Claw Collection

The Tooth and Claw Collection is an ongoing series of casts of bras , made in hard wearing plaster of paris, dyed black. Each piecehas a slightly sinister or dangerous feel: a weapon, missile head or giant claw or tooth from an archaeological dig. I wanted there to be a hint of history. Each bra … Read more


“Squeezed” is a bunch of glazed ceramic forms, each has been created by squeezing clay aggressively in my fist, making a mark and capturing a level of emotion. Resembling a bunch of fruit , on closer inspection they look visceral , like intestines, the glazes slippery and pastel. glazed ceramic, wire sizes variable , up … Read more


Pernicious is a collection of 30 glazed ceramic pieces , installed in the ground using steel rods. Each piece is constructed with hundreds of “fingerprints”- vigorously squeezed pieces of clay. Varying sizes and complexity. Pernicious has been installed in R.H.S. Harlow Carr, Wentworth Castle H[Gardens and most recently at the Fresh Air Sculpture Show , … Read more

Casting Mens Suit Pockets

Mens’ business suit pockets are cast in plaster of paris. The hidden, secretive form of the inside of the pocket is revealed and exposed. Ink has bled and splashed, shreds of embedded material and clinging threads. The larger ones are created by sewing  more suit material to the pocket mould, to enlarge, manipulate and extend … Read more

The Bra Rifle Range – working with bras

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The Bra Rifle Range is an ongoing series of paint-print-drawings. Photos of bras sent to me during the corona virus lockdown are layered, drawn and painted. Please send any photos of bras, vests, sports bras, old/new/knackered- not being worn please! to sally@sallybarker.org to become part of the Bra Rifle Range- a collection of liberated bras … Read more

Sculpture and Printed Work with Bras

Ongoing sculpture and prints using unwanted bras . Working on ideas about ageing and change in women and their bodies, using the bra to represent transformation, real or desired, whether through age, pregnancy , breast feeding, surgery etc. Different bras are placed together inn both prints and casting with plaster to suggest this transformation between … Read more