De-constructing Mens’ Business Suits

This body of work across sculpture , installation, video and performance, looks at gender, power and identity, through my interference with and manipulation of mens’ business suits. The iconic status of the suits and its default attachment to power, is subverted through different forms of deconstruction: cutting and shredding with a scalpel, fraying, picking apart, … Read more


ceramic pieces to be inserted into frayed, slashed , stitched mens’ suits- or hold a section of heavily frayed shoulder pad lining that has mascara liberally applied some of these forms are swollen, and bulging. Bruised. Truncated. Hollow inside. white, pink : skin, bone, flesh some are cut, scratched, sliced, bent, buckled some appear as … Read more

mark, print, place

This body of ceramic work looks at the mark we make, our print , more than just a trace, and our relationship to the natural world, our environmental and psychological impact, using the intimate to reflect a global perspective. The red and black  ceramic “fingerprint” work involves thousands of pieces of squeezed clay,  each capturing a fingerprint, a 3D … Read more

We Only Print in Blood Red

glazed ceramic pieces installed on a tree “We Only Print in Blood Red” was a site specific sculptural piece, installed on a tree in Lytham ,as part of Counterpart. The piece explores the complex and often destructive relationship we have with the natural environment. Counterpart involved 12 artists work installed throughout Lytham. The piece is fired and … Read more

breathe, inflate, deflate

An ongoing series of work looking at breathing, exchange of gases, our relationship with trees, destruction of the rainforest. Materials : latex, stone, trees and branches as site and material.  Fossilised tree, created by the volume of material weighing down, creating stone through time.The delicacy and intimacy of latex, made in silky sheets, cut, stitched , stretched … Read more

drawing with trees

this is current work, digital sketches.I have been working with this tree,with its huge bump- it seems both a benign pregnant- like bulge, and a more sinister, tumorous growth. Some of these ideas may become “real”, real painted and manipulated barbed wire swarming out of the belly button type hole in the bulge, real latex … Read more

body and the landscape

stone, latex, wire initially made for installation at Contemporary Sedimentary, my solo show at South Square Gallery, Thornton in 2014. Recently the piece has been part of the Seaswim , Head Above Water , an ACE touring exhibition at Peninsula Arts , Plymouth ; Strange Cargo , Folkestone and Crescent Art Gallery, Scarborough.