de-constructing mens’ business suits

This body of work across sculpture , installation, video and performance, looks at gender, power and identity, through my interference with and manipulation of mens’ business suits. The iconic status of the suits and its default attachment to power, is subverted through different forms of deconstruction: cutting with a scalpel , fraying, pulling apart, picking, badly applying mascara. Sanding,  shredding, drilling with a large drill. The body features with plaster casts of breasts or by its lack of presence. There is a forensic approach , picking apart and laying bare the bones of masculinity. Ceramic pieces work both with the suits and in isolation- referencing bones, skeleton, truncated body parts- both voluptuous and phallic. The glazes bring different textures: dry, flaked, cracked, creased, cut and scratched- alongside slippy, glossy, syrupy  and wet.

review by Christine Stringfellow