“Shebang” – casting with bras

Shebang is my largest cast form to date, the mould was created using 20 bras from different women, stitched together.

The tiny “flower bud” forms are partially glazed ceramic – the clay was rolled into bras to capture the texture. Through the casting process, some parts of the sculpture that are less supported have come out puckered, sagging, folded. In contrast to the new shoots of the flower buds bristling across the crown: new life¬† together with the older and more worn. All the bras have been donated through several call outs on social media and are used, no longer wanted but are imbued with personal history and experience.¬† It’s important they have been given with intention and permission. The sculpture represents a community of women, capturing the diversity of womens bodies at all stages of life and form. There is intimacy in the cast detail and by making visible the space that previously held part of a womans body often put on public display. The term “bra” is loosely defined: vests, cropped, sports, maternity, nursing, support…. please DM if you have a donation.
plaster of paris, bra fragments, glazed ceramic
1.2 m x 50cm x 50 cm
price on request
commissions undertaken