Fred 2007 – Visitor

“Visitor” was a series of 6 sculptures placed in the landscape at Stickle Ghyll, Great Langdale, Lake District, for the Fred art event — September 28th – October 14th, 2007.

I made recognizable structures from around the world using natural, very local materials ( from a 3 metre radius of where I sat on the fells): grass, stones, twigs, sheep shit & wool are bound, twisted & manipulated into world famous, iconic structures eg. The Statue of Liberty, The Kremlin, Stonehenge. The sculpture was then placed back in the landscape and left.

“Visitor” is about the landscape of The Lake District and its relationship to a changing population of visitors. By creating well-known structures from very localized materials, “Visitor” brings the outside world into Langdale, joining the exterior/outsider with the interior/native, the celebrated with the mundane. The work looks at belonging, identity, and “fitting in”.

Previous Fred work: for Fred 2005 – a series of postcards fictionally hi-jacking the landscape with my models, integrating The Lakes into The Sally Barker Empire.

Fred 2006  “Roast Lamb at Wastwater” – I sculpted the landscape out of roast lamb from sheep that had been reared on the shores of the lake (postcards are still availble – contact me for more information).

2008- “Misfit” Half shining gold pagoda – style roof with a very British looking garden shed base. Installed on the fells of Langdale.