Roast Beef at Wastwater

This piece was the forerunner to Roast Lamb at Wast Water and is very much a simpler version. It was made as a response to the theme of ‘Britishness?’  for a show by Another Production, at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2006.

The intention was to have a marriage of two British icons: roast beef dinner and the British landscape.

The question about how we access the landscape grew in importance as this piece developed, until it became the focal point of Roast Lamb at Wast Water. When I made Roast Beef, I hadn�t even seen the actual view , it was carved using the image on a postcard. This happens a lot with the Empire models, when real buildings are hi-jacked, it is often a 3 dimensional response to 2D images. Retrospectively, I see Roast Beef was a study for the next version – Roast Lamb.