Scaffolding with Nepenthese

“Scaffolding with Nepenthese” sets up a drama, as we anticipate the contact between the spiky scaffolding and the soft skin of the nepenthes plant.

The complex structure made with glued together grass from the moors, has the appearance of model scale scaffolding, occupied by the painted figures. The Nepenthes has pendulous, fleshy pitchers  containing water- which seem to embody both male and female sexual parts simultaneously. In the tropics the fleshy looking pitchers attract insects to its rim, they slide down into the pool of water which contains secretions to digest the nutrients from the insect. Nepenthese in Greek , means without grief.

Here is a  combination of glorious and attractive carniverous plant  with a hand-made spiky structure that in itself, points aggressively towards the plants soft, phallus like skin. It was shown in Temporary Artspace exhibition in Wakefield.