The Watershed Landscape Project

I was the first year artist on the three year project called “The Watershed- Inspired by  Landscape” – a Heritage Lottery funded commission to make a new body of work in response to the moorland landscape of the south pennines and to develop a new visiting audience . Through this work I explored our relationship with the landscape, ,  combining research into the geography, geology, our socio- historical presence, our mark , our successes and failures.  I scavenged materials to make sculptural responses, which I photographed back in the landscape. Often usiong changing scale within the work to mirror and reference our presence in this epic landscape.

I exhibited the images at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.alongside  a large sculptural installation which pulled together many materials, the sculptures and hundreds of model scale painted figures

I took several groups of people up onto the moors to make work in situ, many had never been in this landscape before. Collaborating with the Watershed poet Andrew McMillan installing geo-caches  in the landscape, to encourage journeys, new ways of looking, experiencing and mapping ourselves to the landscape. I enjoyed working with someone using a different artform – exploring common themes and exploring  how the work could be delivered and accessed by a wider audience. Workshops with different groups were an exciting part of the project

WLP won the National Lottery Awards for best environmental project

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