2015: artist residency at FUSE Artspace , Bradford, 2015.

This week long residency at  FUSE in November 2015, was part of a series of residencies exploring environmental  issues, leading up to the COP21 conference in Paris in December.

The residency offered the space and freedom to explore process, with no outcomes, restrictions and very little limitation. My initial preconceived ideas for the work were to make some kind of shelter, constructing with branches, leather , casting with latex and plaster , cutting, stitching, planting saplings. Looking at the idea that as we cut and burn the rain forests for economic profit, we  jeapordise our future – drawing, stitching out the connections between trees and the air we breathe.  The shelter  mutated into more sculptural , object based form  which has continued to evolved further , post residency.

The resulting simple paired down construction:  2 branches lodged into the gallery , trapping a more  elaborate form involving latex skin stitched over a wire framework.