Case Study – Experimental drawing in the forest

  • group of 10 children
  • 1 day

Here is an example of taking a group into the forest to draw with natural materials. Some of the children had never been into the forest before and were a little fearful.

The group established their own physical boundary first by tying ribbons round a perimeter of trees.

The aim here was to introduce the children to the natural environment, improve self-confidence, encourage collaborative work and experimentation and have fun outdoors. They were encouraged to follow their instincts, forget about notions of “proper” or “I can’t”, draw and simply explore the found and supplied materials.

The emphasis was on process and risk taking, not finished work. Results included 3D drawing in space with tape and trees, charcoal cut with scissors, Jackson Pollock style ink and mud drawings, burying work, sewing with twigs and leaves, mud drawing with twigs etc.