Case study – Group drawing days

  • one day workshop
  • 8 – 12 adults, dependent on venue size

This day long workshop was held with 8 adults, with no specific physical requirements . Body drawing workshops are tailored to fit the needs & number of participants and the size and physical detail of the venue. Any age, ability and level of fitness. Experimental, fun and thought provoking in a physical way.

The floor and up the walls are papered, potentially furniture too. The group physically explore the 3D space and are led through relaxation and breathing excercises, body awareness, trust building, exploratory individual mark making,intimate and private drawing, choreographed group work, finally turning the whole 2D drawing into a sculptural installation, getting inside and drawing with torches. The paper can be torn up to take home!

The emphasis is on experimental, thoughtful mark making and drawing with lots of opportunity to share thoughts, self and peer critique / direction and laughing!

Clothing suitable for getting messy and dirty essential.

For images of different drawing groups please go to the drawing shed.