The Exhibition!- Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Mine and Andrew’s exhibition at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, (Lister Park, Bradford) is up and running and please visit and make comments. The video above captures a few moments at the pv and gives a sense of how the work occupies the gallery space. Documentation of the sculpture is below and the 2D images can be seen at the “final images” post.

The central sculpture in the gallery is 3m x 1.8m and about 50cm high. I’ve used a lot of materials collected from the Watershed area , with stone contributions from the farm I grew up on in Halifax, (only just outside the watershed), which sadly is not worked any more, semi derelict- appropriate and poignant for the themes I have been dealing with: our intervention in and complex relationship with the landscape. How we mark the land and use its materials , how the landscape inhabits and co-exists, with shades of dominance and submission on either side.

There are about 240 people in there.

There’s a section where they are dressed in black, white and grey.

There are 10 images printed and mounted on di-bond: they are all below on a different post.

And there are Andrews poems – which work beautifully in the space. I like the way , at times and without prior discussion, our work shares the same thoughts – particularly with our mutual interest in the “outside-inside”, in different kinds of space with the vast and the personal. So, no forced interaction or collaboration but definately a meeting place.

Before entering the gallery , I have a piece of work which is an interpretation on a sculpture standing next to it, by Lombardi, called Susanna. I’ve put the explanatory text panel here and just want to say that my sculpture is quite simply re-adjusting the narrative to give Susanna a more optimistic scenario. It still looks at the issues inherent in the original- voyeurism, control, independance but my Susanna has built her own place where she can be naked and safe in comfort and without risk.

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show me the monet

this is my email and web address for anyone wanting to contact me after the BBC2 art programme, shown on Friday 20th May, (featuring “Roast Lamb Wastwater” below)

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finished images

here are the finished images exhibited at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery:

below:  “Scaffolding at Gorple”

below: “Igloo at Top Withens via Baildon Moor”

below: “The Hole & The Ice at Withens Clough Reservoir”

below: “The Snow House ”

below:  “Contemporary Hand Made Ruins at The Hushings”

below: “Trig Point”



below: “Cactii on Ice at Withens Clough Reservoir”



below: “Phantom Iceberg Twin”

below: “Monument Valley at The Bridestones”







below “Climbing Rocks on Shuttleworth Moor”

all the images are either 60cm x 120 cm,  or 60cm x 80cm, printed, laminated and mounted on di-bond.





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exhibition Cartwright Hall

andrew & I will be exhibiting our work at Cartwright Hall , Bradford, in June

pv june 19th

for those who dont know CH- its a striking victorian Grade 2 listed building set in Lister Park, and is Bradfords civic art gallery, so its a good space to be exhibiting in.

Also at Cartwright, I have an image in The Bradford Open, showing now, you cant miss my work.

Plus, they have asked me to judge the Young Open, at Cartwright so looking forward to that, I thought I’d take a tent over and just live there!

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andrew & I and some geo-cache sites

andrew & I will be placing some geo-caches (is that the plural of geo-cache?)

on the walk between widdop reservoir and the rocks overlooking higher gorple.


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this image is still not right but I wanted to post it anyway

the figure is temporary

the sky & background too bleached out with the sun

the iceberg isnt mirroring the rock behind it well enough I dont think- it changed a bit in the firing.

but – the mini iceberg is made out of clay from Baildon Moor- its travelled twenty miles across the Watershed landscape to get here, just as rocks can shift through a landscape by the movement of glaciers, volcanoes etc . The iceberg itself is an object that belongs to another landscape and also hints at other times- Ice Age, The Arctic… I also like the way the clay has been fired in a kiln, adding the element of fire to the sculpting process. So, in terms of content , its working!#


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workshops with manor house, ilkley

these images are from 2 days (8 workshops) of yr 5 & 6 children- Andrew ran poetry workshops and I ran art. We  thought about structures in the landscape, and what might live there.

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The Hole with people

this is very bizarre , at the far end of Withens Clough Reservoir, the holding pond which feeds into the main reservoir. A large hole in the pond-where the water runs vertically down the sides of a pipe, it looks like if you fell down there you would never get out .

I added a circle of people- keeping them subtle so they didn’t detract from the “main event” of The Hole.

it’s almost finished


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camels at Gorple

I like this combination of the cold, British mist,the beautiful earthy colours and the eccentric form of the camels, made out of sheep poo.

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trig point- High Brown Knoll

these trig points act as focal  punctuation marks – they dot the landscape: stark, white, concrete and minimal. Superceded now by GPS and aerial mapping but still used a lot by hikers. The metal bracket on the top would have held a theodolite. I love the way their obelisk shape looks so incongruous in the middle of nowhere. Hence the people, standing around, as if waiting for something of some significance to occur, unable/unwilling to avoid the circle.


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