The Sally Barker Gallery

The Sally Barker Gallery was a way of seizing control over the exhibition of my work by creating a space to show that I was totally in control of. Through it I continue to look at issues of power, ego and identity. The Gallery is based on my signature and houses my retrospective of all … Read moreThe Sally Barker Gallery

Glue Pylons

I made a series of  pylons in glue from a glue gun, which have been shown in London ( within Goshka Macuga’s installation at the RCA curators final exhibition “The Straight and Crooked Way”), in The Lotta Hammer Gallery in London and in Sweden (Mielby Arts Centre , Halmstadt), in Bob & Roberta Smiths LCCA … Read moreGlue Pylons


I made a series of construction cranes in glue while living in London, constantly surrounded by building sites.- having watched their movements as they weave, arch, put down, pick up, tirelessly drawing in space. I enjoy their dualities: they destroy and construct; they are static and always moving; they are airy and also heavily grounded. … Read moreCranes

Jelly Tits

Jelly Tite - Installation at City Racing Gallery

The piece was conceived as a respect for the individuality of women’s bodies and the frustration I felt at constantly being bombarded with “the perfect pair” in advertising, television, magazines, newspapers, etc.